Ready or not Mein Kampf is back!

Ready or not Mein Kampf is back!

Ok, now be truthful, you've all heard about it. Chances are you know who wrote it and probably have an idea when it was first published. Chances are slimmer that you know what the title translates to and slim to none that you've ever read even a chapter in the book. Well, now you have another chance.



The book that "sold" over ten million copies in Germany alone by 1945 and some statistics claim sold as many copies as the Bible during its heyday, is readily available in a 2016 annotated version. It will help if you can read German because it's actually being printed and offered by a Munich based company.


It's the first version to be published in Germany since the end of the WWII and it's selling like "hotcakes". A recent newspaper story mentioned the company planned to print 4,000 copies but, as of now, over 85,000 copies have been sold since it was first offered in late 2015 when the ban for printing this book ran out. It's different from the original two volume series first published in 1925-1926 as the 1,948-page manifesto weighs in at a hefty 11+ pounds. It's also very different from the original, as it adds many comments to the original text and points out his propaganda and mistakes.

I happened to check it out on , and it came with a whopping $229 price tag. (VIEW LISTING HERE)The original version is available in English, and about 40 other languages, but be patient, and this latest version will probably pop up in an English translation in the future.


It's been about 50 years since I tried to read the book and, needless to say, it was a translated version. I was a college student earning a Liberal Arts undergraduate degree at that time and tried to remain open minded. Fortunately, it was not required reading but my love for the history of World War II gave the book a certain allure. The discord and ramblings stopped me in my tracks and I recall not getting beyond the first few chapters. I wish you the best of luck if you decide to undertake the challenge!