WWII German Wehrmacht Helmet

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WWII German Wehrmacht Helmet-AMAZING Soldier Souvenir-First off, the condition is excellent but what is AMAZING about this helmet is what the soldier (most likely British) who liberated it, obviously while the war was still ongoing, wrote onto the liner. It is all very clear and easy to see still. There are a series of drawings and sayings all over the liner. One is a drawing of a swastika, smashed into pieces by a lightning bolt with G.B., U.S., U.S.S.R. Around the liner it says "Kid O'Toole", "Heel (sic) Hitler”, We heil, heil right in the Fehrer's (sic) face" and "Before-Supermen....After-I wouldn't say". Finally, a picture of a Japanese flag with the saying "One more and we can all go home". WOW! The helmet is excellent, retaining a majority of the dark green combat finish. The liner itself is super clean, ink stamped 59, and with a zinc liner band. The rear skirt is stamped Q 66 indicating production by Quist of Esslingen in the size of 66. It is also stamped with the steel lot number DN 506. An outstanding, one of a kind piece!