WWII German Luftwaffe Fliegerblouse for Other Ranks Engineer

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WWII German Luftwaffe Fliegerblouse for Other Ranks Engineer-This flight blouse is produced in blue grey wool. There is some discoloration and wear from use but no holes. There are two waist pockets with straight flaps. There is a five button (bakelite) closure. Other buttons are blue finished pebbled metal. The collar is piped in black cloth twist rope. The hand applied collar tabs are produced in black badge cloth with three silver finished metal gulls on each. The slip-on shoulder straps are produced in blue grey wool with black cloth piping. This is for a pioniere obergefreiter (engineer with rank of corporal). The breast eagle is machine embroidered and applied. It is produced in silvery grey cloth over blue grey cloth. There are loops for two awards on the left breast. The left sleeve has a hand applied chevron for the corporal rank. There is a ribbon in the button loop for an EKII.  The interior is partially lined in blue cloth. There are some tears and holes in the lining material....it saw some use for sure! There is a bandage pocket on the lower right and two large pockets, one on each side. The left side pocket has a series of ink stamps featuring size and maker information. It says the size is a "90" which is a medium. Very desirable and in good condition overall! Please note that any "accessories" (i.e. medals, badges, belts etc.) are NOT included unless stated in description!