"Deutschland Erwache" Standard, THE "HOLY GRAIL" of Flags

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WWII German "Deutschland Erwache" Standard, THE "HOLY GRAIL" OF WWII GERMAN FLAGS-Originally found in a dresser drawer in San Antonio, TX, this fantastic "DE" standard is as found, with its "born with" tassels and support dowel/end caps. We have had it for many years and now it is time for another collector to enjoy it. Measuring 23 1/2" tall by 27" wide (not including the fringe), it is two sided and produced in red rayon. There is ever so slight discoloration to the field as one would expect to see on an 80-year-old artifact. There is no damage other than 3 absolutely tiny pin holes on the lower edge of one side. The red/black/white cloth fringe is fully intact and seen at all but the hoist end. The original tassels are the same color scheme and also produced in cloth and fully intact to include the metal snap hooks. One of the cords is split at the loop where it goes over the dowel. This is minor, doesn't affect how it is displayed and could easily be repaired if one desired to do so. As mentioned, the original wooden dowel with end caps is also included. On one side of the flag there is a large, white disc which is trimmed in toned silver tresse. There is a static swastika of black rayon with raised black piping and toned silver tresse lining the inner arms. On this side is the script "DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE" which translates to "Germany Awake". The script is chain stitched in white cloth with thin black cloth piping. The opposite side has the identical swastika motif but with script that reads "NAZ. SOZ. DEUTSCHE ARBEITPARTEI" and "STURMABTEILUNG" which of course is the "National Socialist German Workers Party" or the Nazi party and "Storm Detachment". The SA functioned as the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). It played a significant role in Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s. This side has a red leather patch at the top, where the main pole would rest on the flag. This was in place to prevent wear and damage to the flag in this area. The patch is fully intact with a few stitches that have separated from the flag. This flag is extremely scarce and desirable. These rarely become available on the market so act fast. It will likely not last!