WWII British Binoculars with Case

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WWII British Binoculars with Case- The field binoculars are the six by thirty type produced in 1942 by Taylor/Hobson. The leatherette body is in good condition and the black finish remains mostly intact. On the left it reads "O.S. 108 M. A., Bino. Prism. No2. MK. 11, X6". The right side reads "graticules 1/2 degree apart" and 1/4 degree, 1/2 and 1 degree high. The often seen upward pointing arrow is scratched onto each side. The optics are fairly clear and the right side has the range dashes. There is a tropical tan canvas strap. The case is also tropical tan canvas. It shows minor wear and discoloration from use. There is no strap for the case. Inside the lid it reads "M.E. Co. 1940 with the arrow. Very good condition!