Luftwaffe Officer Breeches of Oberleutnant Wienk

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Well Worn Luftwaffe Officer Breeches of Oberleutnant Wienker-This pair of private purchase riding breeches belonged to Oberleutnant Friedrich Wienker. After being captured by the Allies, he was employed as an interpreter at the Featherstone Park (POW) Camp at Haltwhistle, Northumberland, Great Britain. Two copies of letters of recommendation are enclosed with this grouping along with pics of Wienker and a pic of his post war business card as an architect. The breeches saw heavy use. They are produced in ribbed, blue grey wool. There is lots of wear and discoloration along with repairs (patches) on both knees. The suede insert has a few very small tears at the edges. The breeches have a series of eyelets at the calf with cloth ties. There are nearly horizontal hip pockets, a watch fob pocket and a zippered rear pocket. There is a four button (bakelite) fly, with a single button to go along with a hook and loop closure at the waist. The waist reinforcement is blue striped white rayon and the pocket bags are white cloth. The waist is a size 28 and the legs measure 36" long. Very interesting! 


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