WWII German Forestry Cutlass w/Ivory Grip-Carl Eickhorn, Weimar Long

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WWII German Forestry Cutlass w/Ivory Grip-Carl Eickhorn, Weimar Long- This Weimar Forestry Cutlass measures approximately 20” in overall length.  The fittings throughout are solid brass with a gilded finish that grades 60%.  The hilt is the standard cutlass type having an unadorned “D” guard that begins and ends in the form of a deer’s hoof.  The ferrule has seven raised-out decorative lines.  The crossguard is the standard clamshell variety which is fluted on the top with a long leg coming out the left end which rises upward and ends in a teardrop.  The hilt fittings exhibit NO real wear/age.  The grip plates are genuine ivory with beautiful golden age toning and grained surfaces throughout.  There is an age crack to the upper obverse side.  The plates are decorated with oak leaves and acorns devices with three appearing on the obverse side while the reverse has only two.  The triple etched blade measure 14.5” in overall length.  The obverse and reverse sides each have three panels.  The obverse center panel depicts a hunter kneeling with a rifle taking aim at a running stag and doe while at the same time both animals are in the process of jumping over a log.  The top panel, nearest the tip, contains a chirping grouse resting on a tree branch adorned with oak leaves and acorns.  The bottom panel houses a stag calling for his mate.  Below the bottom panel is engraved “Ges. Geschutzt”.  The reverse center panel depicts the hunter running after a boar, while the boar is running while throwing the dogs out of his way.  The top panel exhibits a long beaked bird flying onto a tree branch adorned with oak leaves and acorns.  The bottom panel is decorated with a stag walking from behind an oak tree.  Finally, beneath the bottom panel is also engraved Ges. Geschutzt.  The overall blade remains bright and shiny.  The backgrounding to the etch grades approximately 90%.  There are a few areas of faint smudging mainly confined to the ricasso and tip areas, but ever so slight.  The blade grades string excellent+!  In addition, the spine is beautifully decorated with oak leaves and acorns.  The reverse ricasso is stamped with the SCARELY seen Eickhorn, small single circle logo having a standing squirrel within.  Beneath the animal are the firm’s initials, C.E..  This trademark would indicate this piece was probable produced between 1925 and 1930.  A green felt buffer is intact, but I believe it to be a replacement.  The scabbard is the standard black smooth leather style containing the standard twin line decorations on each side, in addition to the seam appearing on the center, reverse side.  There are a few scrapes on both sides, but nothing that really takes away from the look or the condition.  The shell grades strong excellent to near mint-!  It is fitted with two matching gilded fittings having scalloped edges with 97% of the gilding remaining.  The fittings are mounted to the leather shell via two small staples.  The upper mount is plain and is fitted with a finely detailed hand-embellished acorn lug.  The lower obverse fitting is decorated with twin line decorations while the reverse side is unadorned.  The upper mount has a slight indentation in and around the acorn lug.  The lower obverse side has a vertical hit, while the reverse contains a couple of dimple sized hits.  Attached to both staples are small handmade rings that were probably utilized by the vet to hang the Cutlass on his den wall!  A GOOD looking early piece that I’m sure was worn during the Third Reich Era!  Strong excellent.