WWII German Waffen-SS Collar Tab for “Skanderbeg”

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WWII German Waffen-SS Collar Tab for “Skanderbeg” – “21.Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS (albanische Nr.1) – 21st Waffen Mountain Division of the SS (Albanian No. 1) This tab was most likely produced at the SS cloth production facility at Dachau, but probably never issued to Division members since it was disbanded fairly quickly due to undisciplined behavior. The 21.Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS (albanische Nr. 1) “Skanderbeg” was only in existence for approximately six months before being broken up (the Division’s German cadre was later incorporated into the “Prinz Eugen” Division). This example of the Divisional collar tab shows a Skanderbeg helmet, machine-embroidered in an interesting, slightly burnished grey colored thread on a soft napped, black felt rhomboidal tab. The reverse has the correct lacquered stiffener, with the typical white tack down threads. A very sharp and highly collectible example!