Very Rare Streamers for an Army Standard

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Standard streamers are an extremely scarce item, and this one is in super shape. It is a 1.75” wide double-sided brocade-like band in aluminum thread, with two black stripes toward the outside, and two red stripes on the inside (see the images). The band is 5.5’ long, and the tassels add another 7” each. The tassel heads are also made of the same aluminum/red/black thread, with the dangling ends in aluminum wire. Flat, double-sided tubes made of a gray metal are affixed to each end of the band, just above the tassels (but can be slid up or down). Both sides of these slider tubes have raised relief oak leaf borders, and an Army helmet pattern eagle; one side of each plate also has raised letters that give a date; one plate says “16. März 1935”, and the other says “16. März 1936” (e.g., a one year period). The plates have some scratches and abrasions to the smooth parts of their surface, and this tends to be more extensive on one side than the on the other. The insignia is beautiful, with a burnished effect that was purposely added. The bands and tassels are near perfect. A scarce item that represents a rare opportunity!

  • Item #: S-048c