WWII German Signaling Light Case

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WWII German Signaling Light Case-Now identified thanks to Phil B! This dark brown leather case measures 4" by 6 3/4" by 8 3/4". It has a lid that is secured by two elastic straps which loop over lugs in the case. One side has two holes which appear to have been for wiring for an instrument that once was housed inside. There is a waffenamt stamped onto the exterior as well as two belt straps on the back. Inside, there clearly was a plastic card on the lid as there are remnants left of such a thing. There are three labels inside still; one says "Kontaktstreifen" (contact strips), another says "Triplestreifen" (triple strips) and the last one says "Hier Qu. Blonde" (?). There are two "d" rings on the exterior as well. Minor wear but otherwise in good condition!