Uniforms and Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918

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By Charles Woolley. This initial volume of a continuing study features formal studio portraits of pre-war dress and wartime uniforms of all arms. It also contains photo postal cards taken in the field of Infantry, Pioneer, Telegraph-Signal, Landsturm and Mountain Troops, insignia, small arms close-ups, unmotorized transport, group shots and balloon troops. Also included is a 60 page full-color uniform section reproduced from the rare 1914 plates by Mahor A. Schmidt of Infantrie Regiment Nr. 172 and shows that uniform color was still in evidence, mixed with somber Feldgrau. Each photo caption has been carefully and completely researched affording the reader information not to be found in any other single source. An introduction to the complex Army service commitments, a general uniform description and a selected bibliography make this a must volume for the serious military historian, collector and WWI re-enactor. Over 500 black and white photos and 50 color drawings, 376 pages.

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