U-Boat War Badge (U-Boot Kreigabzeichen), by Rudolf Karne

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U-Boat War Badge (U-Boot Kreigabzeichen), by Rudolf Karneth-Well, presumably this is by Rudolf Karneth but the experts have not proven it beyond a reasonable doubt as of yet. It's a bit intriguing! The U-Boat badge was introduced in October of 1939, and came in one version only: Gold. They were often presented by the Submarine Commanders, and could be awarded to all Officers, NCO’s, and Crew Members who serve on submarines directed against the enemy. Qualification of the award was that an individual had to prove themselves on two or more sorties. If a wound was sustained during a sortie, the Commander could waive the number requirement. Once awarded, it was to be worn, during duty or off-duty hours, on the service jacket, blue and white jacket, mess jacket or pullover jacket. This zinc example retains 90% of its original gilt finish, with minor visible wear. The reverse features a cast hinge with a round, needle point pin vertically mounted. The catch is cast as well. The initials "RK" appear in a circle on the back of the sub so it is thought that this was produced by Rudolf Karneth & Sohn of Gablonz. Interesting and in near excellent condition! 

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