The Call of Duty - Military Awards and Decorations of US

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By LTC John E. Strandberg and Roger James Bender.  New expanded edition.  This monumental work, which has been long out of print, spans over two centuries and illustrates in striking color the evolution of United States military decorations from 1782 to the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal in 2003.  In this comprehensive reference, not only are the obverse, reverse, and appropriate rim colors illustrated in full color, it also states eligibility for the award and gives historical background.  An added treat is dozens of period photos of the decorations being worn. This new expanded edition is a result of continued years of research and upgrading of photographs, and has 176 more pages than the first edition. The authors have also been able to expand coverage of known rim number styles and number ranges for Army, Navy and Marine Corps campaign medals. With modern digital technology, all medals and ribbons have been color-corrected to give you the most accurate and detailed images.  Although the first edition was highly praised, this new edition is without a doubt the best book ever done on the subject!  Despite the fact that there are an extra 176 pages in color, the publisher is holding to the price of the first edition, printed a decade ago!  1,293 photos, most in color.  560 pages.

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