Tarnfarben Volume 1

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Tarnfarben Volume 1 (Camouflage Painted Relics of the German Forces in World War II by Oliver Lock-A wonderful new publication by Military Mode Publishing, 250 pages of in-depth photography and enlightening information on the patterns and application of WWII German Camouflage painted objects. Presented in a hard back format and in line with the other successful Military Mode books, this work contains many rare and identified items found in the battlefields of the Ardennes and other relics from around the world. Not simply a book about helmets, this production has a hat full of gas mask tins, vehicle parts and equipment. With a very detailed foreword by Historian Jon Baker the book is a mouth watering plethora of original German WWII relics aimed at Collectors, Modellers and Historians alike. Produced in conjunction with the help of two superb museums in the heart of the Ardennes, the book is delivered with an artistic eye and revolutionary style. (N, HC)

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