WWII German Tank Destruction Strip, GOLD, Extremely Scarce

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WWII German Tank Destruction Strip, GOLD, Extremely Scarce-This was presented to individuals who had five individual tank "kills", an amazing feat! The silver version was awarded for individual kills and you could have up to four in wear but with a fifth kill you were to remove the silver strips and replace it with this gold version. Subsequent kills would be awarded silver strips again until you reached 10 where another gold would be awarded and so on. This example is the first we have had to offer in an extremely long time. It features a lightly toned gold tresse with black cloth edge trim The tank is in black as this is a later example (the earliest awards had a silver wash).  There is a section of field grey badge cloth at the reverse. It is loose but not complete separated. The Gold TDS was established on March 9, 1942 and approximately 400 were awarded in gold. Knights Cross Recipient Hauptmann Günther Viezenz received 4 gold strips as he single-handedly destroyed a confirmed 21 tanks! This is a great piece that is missing from many collections!