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Summer Tunic for Gau Level Political Leader, Indirect Veteran Purchase

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Summer Tunic for Gau Level Political Leader, Indirect Veteran Purchase-This scarcely seen tunic is produced in a rugged, white cloth which displays moderate discoloration/staining but no damage. There are four pockets, with the breast pockets being pleated and the hip pockets plain, each having straight flaps. The buttons for the pockets are the pebbled gilt, political leader type in the size of 20mm. There is a four-button closure, each of the buttons is identical to the pocket buttons except they are a bit larger, measuring 23mm. All are RZM and maker marked. The collar has a pair of 4th pattern (1939-45) tabs hand sewn onto it. These are bright red velvet with dark red piping, indicating they were for a Gau level political leader. The gilt metal insignia consists of a pair of oak leaves and a national eagle. This indicates they were for a “bereichsleiter”, or “zone leader”. There are some frayed threads around the perimeter of the tabs but they are in great condition overall. The left sleeve has a brassard which is attached via a safety pin. It is for an administrator with the rank of “leiter eines hauptamtes”, or “leader of a main department”, which happens to be the highest administrative rank for the Gau (and Kreis) level. It is produced in red wool which is very clean and has minor wear and two small holes. The top and bottom edges have 16mm machine woven gold oak leaves with gold piping at the top and bottom. The edge of the brassard is piped in red, again for Gau level political leader. The separated applied, ribbed white cloth disc and multi piece black swastika are each piped in a gold twist bullion. The interior is unlined. There are two large pockets, one on either side of the interior. The shoulders are lightly padded. The tunic is a size 38/40. We purchased this just recently from a picker who got it from the family of the veteran who brought it home. The veteran was a member of the OSS, and we will include a picture of him and his name with the purchase of the tunic. A very interesting item, in sound overall condition! Please note that any "accessories" (i.e. medals, badges, belts etc.) are NOT included unless stated in description!