Starburst for a SS / SA Schellenbaum – Extremely Rare!

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This incredibly scarce piece is an actual segment from the Schellenbaum pattern carried by SA and SS personnel – perhaps the most noteworthy segment, being the large gilded starburst section, bearing the round, glossy black button at the center with a raised 1929 style eagle in nickel/silver. The roundel button itself has a diameter of about 5.5”. The starburst is quite large, with dimensions of 13.75” wide and 15.5” high (the height includes the short sections of tubing at top and bottom), and is constructed from two matched halves (i.e. with a hollow interior). The rays are gilded, though the gold finish shows some very dark toning and areas where the plating looks to be worn off. There are a couple of depressions (dents) where the starburst surface dips downward; the end of the rays near these show some slight separation between the two halves, but overall it’s in really great shape, considering! The center section retains over 90% of the glossy black enamel paint, and the silver finish on the eagles is well over 95% (great contrast). There’s a slight depression in one swastika with a tiny hole at the center – hardly visible from any distance. Quite an amazing piece of Third Reich regalia!

  • Item #: S-065