WWII NAZI SS Sahariana

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WWII NAZI SS Sahariana- Introduced in late 1941, these were issued to the Waffen SS for use in tropical climates and was based on the Sahariana bush jacket. Even though the SS had served in tropical climates (Mediterranean, etc) it wasn’t until this time that official regulations called for the use of a tropical blouse, or tropical garments of any kind. The blouse is produced in a soft cotton twill material in a tropical tan hue. It has some minor fading only. There are four patch type, pleated pockets with scalloped flaps. The breast pocket flaps extend back and over the shoulders and finalize in a tail at the rear around shoulder length. It has an open neck with a lay down collar. There are four closure buttons. Speaking of the buttons, these are the correct pebbled brown buttons which are maker marked JFS and dated 1941. They are held in place on the blouse by metal “s” rings The adjustable cuffs have two buttons each (one is a replacement, and one is missing). Each armpit has a series of four stitched ventilation eyelets. The left sleeve has a machine woven (BeVo), tropical SS eagle. This is an original machine applied example. Just below, is a rank chevron which is hand applied. It is for the rank of rottenführer. There are long, wide straps for slip-on shoulder boards. These are produced in the same tropical tan cotton as the rest of the blouse. The interior is unlined. There is a pair of grey cloth ties in the area of each hip. The blouse is a size medium. There are two bandage pockets, one on each side of the closure, one of the buttons is missing. Great condition and scarcely seen! 

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