SS ID Card Signed by Gruppenführer

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This is a very early SS ausweis, dated 1934, to SS Mann Wilhelm Bischoff. He was born in Berlin on 11.2.1902 and this ID was issued in München on 29.Juni.1934. there is an ink stamp of Reichsführer SS Himmler's signature (which is part of a round stamp with an early eagle and the script Nationalsoz. Deutsche Arbeitspartei Der Reichsführer SS around the perimeter) with a hand signature of an SS Truppführer. There is a yellow stamp at the bottom indicating Bischoff has paid his dues for Juli/Sept 1934. His black and white picture is on the opposite side and embossed with a stamp. The number of the SS Ausweis is 219 987 (researchable). It measures 12cm x 9cm and has some edge wear and a few small tears. Overall good condition and quite desirable! 



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