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Signed Official Portrait and Press Release Photo of Otto Meissner-Otto Lebrecht Eduard Daniel Meissner was head of the Office of the President of Germany during the entire period of the Weimar Republic under Friedrich Ebert and Paul von Hindenburg and, finally, at the beginning of the Nazi government under Adolf Hitler. His official title, a position created for him by Hitler, was "State Minister of the Rank of a Federal Minister and Chief of the Presidential Chancellery of the Führer and Chancellor". I wonder how they fit that on his name tag? Let’s start with the press release photo, which is black and white and measures 24cm x 18cm. hand written notes on the back indicate the occasion, location and those in the photo. It is dated 17.1.40. The official portrait, also black and white, measures 29.5cm x 23.5cm. There is some wear and a few very small tears in the border, not at all affecting the picture itself. This is addressed to a comrade and signed by Meissner in 1935. A great lot from an important party figure! 

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