WWII German Second Model Railway Dagger Set by Eickhorn

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WWII German Second Model Railway Dagger Set by Eickhorn- Choice example with all textbook characteristics associated with this scarce production dagger. The black celluloid handle is perfect. The aluminum fittings throughout rate choice excellent. The blade with the 1935-41 Eickhorn logo is excellent. This choice set is complete with an original set of extremely rare fabric hangers. These show only a very small amount of wear. The only drawback is that one of the snap rings is nickel silver and the other is aluminum. The aluminum one may be a replacement. This is also complete with a gorgeous properly tied railway knot, which for the life of me, I cannot tell if it is original so I am including it as a freebee. I have not had one of these to offer in a very long time. Overall excellent example.