Schutzpolizei Officer Tunic

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Schutzpolizei Officer Tunic-This example is produced in quality ribbed blue/green wool that is very clean. There is just the slightest hint of wear. It has a deep chocolate brown badge cloth collar with the front and lower edges piped in green cord, as are the left edge of the vertical front closure and the edges of the tail vent. The tunic has the usual four pockets with scalloped flaps – the two breast pockets being pleated. The front closure has eight silver finished, pebbled aluminum buttons. There are loops above the left breast pocket for long ribbon bar and one is included. On and around the pocket there are loops for two awards (these loops all may be collector added, the ones for the ribbon bar are stretched). The turn back cuffs are finished in a dark chocolate brown badge cloth just like the collar. The sew-in shoulder boards are produced in bright silver flat wire with a green underlay and a second underlay of brown. There is a single pip on each (equivalent to a 1st lieutenant). The Army style collar tabs are produced in a silver aluminum flat wire over a green badge cloth. These have been hand applied to the collar. On the left sleeve there is a spectacular, hand applied Officer’s sleeve eagle in matte grey bullion, embroidered onto a Police green wool/felt backing. The interior is fully lined in green cloth. The sleeves are lined in white striped rayon. There is a single pocket on the left side. The pocket has the ink stamp "Po 1940" with an "a" underneath. The tunic is a large size. Great looking and desirable! 

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