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This SA-Stammrolle is dated 4.Okt.1941 and was for Emil Sutter, member of SA Gruppe Oberrhein, Standarte Mülhausen, Sturm 11/112. He was born on 27.6.96 in Gebweiler (Guebwiller, France). He enlisted in the SA on 26.9.40 and was promoted to Rottenführer/Obersturmmann on 9.11.43. His picture is securely fastened to the outer page of this folder.  He was a mechanic in the infantry during WWI. This large grouping includes:


-SA Anwärter Ausweis (Candidate ID w/Picture)

-SA Wehrabzeichen Untersuchungs Ergebnis (suitable for military badges consideration)

-Personalfragebogen (Personal questionnaire, shows his WWI service and that he was awarded the SA Sports Badge in Bronze on 1.1.43)

-an SA der NSDAP document dated 13.Mai 1944 which is an assessment document. It indicates that Sutter "has participated with interest in the course".

-another SA der NSDAP document as above with the same notes dated 15.Juli 1943.

-Strafliste (a criminal list, blank except for his name, phew!)

-Verleihungs-Urkunde (an award document dated 18. März 1943 indicating that Sutter has been awarded "Der Ehrenkleid der SA" (Honor Uniform)

-Verpflichtungsschein (committment note) dated 26.9.40

-a certificate from Elpawerke Elsässische Präzisions Apparatebau (Elpawerke Alsatian Precision Apparatus) saying that Emil Sutter was a valuable and important employee

-6 other hand typed or hand written notes of various events/topics including "Action Notices"


These are all housed in the paper folder which was mentioned earlier. There are two punch holes in each piece of paper that line up perfectly. An interesting and comprehensive grouping!


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