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SA Dagger by REICH EINA EHR. SCHW- Early NAZI party example showing all the characteristics associated with early production. This includes nickel silver cross guards and scabbard fittings. It also includes a nicely anodized scabbard with a high percentage of the anodizing present. The light brown handle has a beautiful fit and the nickel silver eagle and runic button are flawless. Reverse of lower cross guard is deeply stamped Mi for Mitte. This dagger is totally untouched and uncleaned. There is a dent in the boot of the bottom fitting on the scabbard. The blade will rate at near excellent, as the engravings and factory cross graining is still quite distinctive. The blade does have slight discoloration and the usual in and out markings. This is complete with the correct early short leather hanger, which has a considerable amount of verdigris. Overall strong/very good example by scarce maker.