SA Brown Shirt for a Musician

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This SA brown shirt was issued to a musician. Important to point out immediately is that the collar tabs and shoulder board are reproductions, POST WAR but good for display purposes! The swallows nests are original and original to the shirt. The shirt is produced in light brown ribbed cloth that is in great condition with minor wear and discoloration only. There is a six button closure and all but the top bakelite button are produced in chrome plated metal. The two pockets are pleated with scalloped flaps. There are five pebbled aluminum, silver finished belt loops around the waistline. Each turn back cuff is piped with a silver NCO like tresse. The left sleeve have a black woven cuffband with the number 4 stitched in red metal. The interior is unlined and unmarked. It is a short shirt so it looks small but I would say the size is a medium. Intriguing example and a great display piece! 


  • Item #: U-191