Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic

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"Righteous" Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic-Righteous? You bet! This is in excellent condition throughout and was originally brought home by a New Zealand veteran. It is produced in tropical tan cloth that, as mentioned, is excellent with the slightest hint of discoloration from age only. There are four pockets with straight flaps, the breast pockets being pleated. There is a six button closure and all buttons are brown finished pebbled zinc. There is a lay down collar and adjustable cuffs. Straps and buttons for slip on shoulder straps are present (no straps are included so you can make this whatever rank you want!). The breast eagle is original and has been PROFESSIONALLY REAPPLIED! It is machine embroidered in off white over tropical tan. The interior is unlined and has a single (bandage) pocket on the lower right closure seam. There are straps for the included tan finished metal belt hooks. The left side interior is ink stamped with sizing information. It says it is a size 96 chest so this is a medium. A beautiful piece! 

  • Item #: U-086