SS Uniform Grouping for Hitler's Assistant Surgeon

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Researched Grouping for Hitler's Assistant Surgeon, Hans Karl von Hasselbach-This incredible ensemble will be featured in Vol II of my upcoming three volume series entitled THE STORIES BEHIND THE TREASURES OF WORLD WAR II “The Making of a Collectorholic”. This amazing grouping belonged to SS Obersturmführer Hans Karl von Hasselbach, Hitler's #2 surgeon and the individual who personally saw to Hitler after the July 20, 1944 assassination attempt. He was stationed at the "Wolf's Lair" in East Prussia and was present when the bomb exploded. He was #2, behind Dr. Karl Brandt, the so called "Nazi Doctor". Von Hasselbach is mentioned frequently in the book by Ulf Schmidt entitled "Karl Brandt, The Nazi Doctor, Medicine and Power in the Third Reich". A copy of this book is included with the sale. He is quoted in the book (33 times) as saying "The Psychopathic God, Adolf Hitler". There is TONS of information available on the internet about von Hasselbach. This grouping includes a large research folder with an amazing script covering one of his interrogations which occurred on April 14, 1948 at Regensburg Internment Camp. In this he explains in his own words what exactly happened at the Wolf's Lair, what he did to Hitler (a thorough explanation of his wounds), why he was dismissed in September 1944 etc. He goes into great detail about how Dr. Morrell had Hitler convinced he needed treatments, medication etc and how many of these "treatments" were causing Hitler to be very sick, including strychnine poisoning. During this interrogation he was asked if he thought Hitler was indeed dead. He said "Yes!", he was sure that he was dead as the dentist had confirmed that teeth found were his. You have to read it to believe it! He was interred with Hanna Reitsch and they were very good friends. This research folder will keep you busy for hours, trust me. Von Hasselbach was a 1st lieutenant, assigned to SS Standarte "Deutschland". He was born November 2, 1903 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. He studied medicine in Münich and Freiberg/Breisgau, where he passed the medical exam on 4.7.27 and the doctoral exam on 14.7.27. He worked as a doctor in many different places, and on 15.10.1936 in Münich at tje Surgical University Clinic. He joined the NSDAP on 1.5.1933 and became a member of the SA at the same time. He transferred to the SS on 13.8.1934. According to a transcript of his resume (included) he says "Since the spring of 1936 it has been my privilege to serve the Führer in the absence of his regular doctor in his entourage". He goes on to say "Until now I have fulfilled my military service requirements as rifleman during 1935 and 1936 in Blankenburg/Harz and lastly as assistant doctor in the reserves". His personnel files indicate that he had special training as a troop doctor, his rifle class was "2" and that he received the SA sports badge in bronze. So I am sure you would like to hear what else the grouping has to offer? Well, without further adieu....feast your eyes on his amazing "mantle", or great coat. It is a private purchase example, produced in black wool that is in fantastic condition. It is double breasted with two rows of six silver finished pebbled metal buttons. There are hip pockets with straight flaps. The collar is piped in a silver bullion twist rope. There are handsome black badge cloth collar tabs which have been expertly hand applied. Each has piping of silver bullion twist rope. The right side has the SS runes and number 1 rendered in silver flat wire. The left side rank tab has three silver finished pips and a narrow tresses strip in silver bisected by a black cloth stripe. The single, sew in shoulder board has six rows of silver bullion twist rope. There is a cloth RZM tag underneath the shoulder board. The insignia indicates the rank of obersturmführer, which he achieved in 1938. Tacked to the left sleeve is a fantastic red wool SS armband. The upper and lower edges are trimmed in black cloth. The white disc is separately applied as is the multi piece, black cloth swastika. Moving down to the cuff, there is a handsome "Deutschland" cuff title which has been hand applied. The upper and lower edges are trimmed in bright silver flat wire, slightly narrower that what is used for the script. The interior is fully lined in black rayon that is excellent. There is a single pocket on the left side as well as a slot for an edged weapon. The outside of the pocket has a tag that reads "Gütezeichen des Herrenschneiderhandwerks". This is most likely a retailer. Inside the pocket is an actual tailor tag. This indicates the coat was produced by the firm of Wilhelm Holters of Berlin. Hand written onto this tag is the name HK v.Hasselbach along with the date of March 1938. There is another large tailor tag for Holters in the neck area. It is a large size. But wait, there is more! Also included is a fantastic pair of breeches. These are produced in fantastic quality black wool that is in excellent condition. The lower legs have cloth tie adjustments which are in great condition. There are buttoned hip pockets with a single, buttoned rear pocket and a watch fob pocket. There are cinch straps at the hips with black finished metal buckles. There is a five button fly with an additional metal hook and loop fastener at the waist. The interior features black cloth pocket bags and waist reinforcement. The waist is a size 33 and the legs are 39" long. What more can we say? This grouping would be hard to beat!

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