Reichswehr Crusher

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This interesting cap is produced in field grey wool with a different shade of field grey used for the centerband. There is a lot of tracking, minor discoloration, and a 3.5” long by .25” wide hole on the top panel of the cap. There are multiple, minor holes to other areas as well. There is a black and white cloth bull’s eye properly hand applied onto the front of the centerband. The interior is fully lined in a brownish-grey cloth, which is clean and damage-free. This is also found on the underside of the wool visor. The lining is well marked with maker’s information (Carl Halfar, Berlin) as well as the size, 56, and the date of production, which is 1926. The rectangular box that has the date of production also says “H.B.A.B.”. This identifies the cap as being issued from the Main Army Office in Berlin (Heeres Belieidugs Amt Berlin). A representative example of a desirable and scarcely-seen cap!

  • Item #: HG-108