Rare, WWII German TeNo Officer’s Visor Cap

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Rare, WWII German TeNo Officer’s Visor Cap- This super-scarce cap is produced in a soft, dark blue wool that is excellent with minor wear and discoloration only. The top panel is piped in silver aluminum mesh with dark blue highlights. There is a ribbed black centerband, which is piped in dark blue on the upper and lower edges. The aluminum insignia consists of a TeNo eagle and the unique, TeNo wreath along with a nickel/silver cockade which has a red felt bull’s eye. The double chincord is produced in lightly toned silver bullion and is retained to the cap by a pair of small pebbled nickel/silver finished buttons. The visor is produced in black leather, it has minor crazing but is otherwise in good condition and remains tightly affixed to the body of the cap. The interior is fully lined in gold rayon, which has minor discoloration from use. There is a clear, rhomboid shaped moisture shield that remains fully intact. It is marked in gilt with the motto of the TeNo organization. There is a brown leather sweatband, which is perforated at the forehead. There is minor discoloration from use, otherwise it is excellent remaining soft and supple. Underneath is the number “6”, indicating the size of the cap, 56. Excellent overall, and when was the last time you saw one? A great item missing from most collections!