Rare Political Leader’s Buckle for Brocade Belt

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1939 pattern stamped aluminum Political Leader’s buckle, which retains 98% of its original gold wash finish on the front. The round section of the buckle measures slightly less than 2" across, whereas the standard Political Leader's buckle measures over 2.25" across. These are 100 times more scarce than the standard buckle. The reverse is a bit discolored. This features a large NSDAP National emblem with outstretched wings and the eagle’s head facing to the left, surrounded by a closed oak leaf wreath. Behind the body of the eagle is an oval field with a finely pebbled surface. The single keeper features a single row of oak leaves. The reverse has an RZM control mark and a manufacturer’s contract number, on this example it is M4/24 indicating its manufacture by Friedrich Linden of Lüdenscheid (FLL). Overall excellent example of a scarce buckle!