NAZI SS Model 1944 Pea Dot Camouflage Service Tunic

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NAZI SS Model 1944 Pea Dot Camouflage Service Tunic- This one has a lot going for it! It is produced in HBT  (herringbone twill) that shows minor fading, minor wear, and one small split in a seam (lower left in the back so hard to see). It is interesting to see how this was produced using mismatched material-look at the pockets and look at the body-something common on these later war type produced garments. Also neat to see is the owner must not have liked the open wrist that these coats have....so he simply stitched them closed! Very unique.  There is a five pocket closure and all buttons are gray finished pebbled zinc. There are four pockets with straight flaps. This is the last pattern sans insignia. The interior is unlined. There is a bandage pocket on the lower left of the tunic, produced in rayon. I do not see any size or other markings. It is a size medium. Desirable and in near excellent condition! 

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