RARE Hamburg Custom Official’s Sword With Hamburg Coat of

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This is a VERY RARE sword that remains in very collectible condition!  The hilt design is an Eickhorn Unattributed pattern that is illustrated in the Army Section of the Angolia Sword Book, page 84, bottom.  It is definitely a Third Reich produced sword, due to the fact that the Eickhorn trademark is the 1935-41 Squirrel variety.  More on this in a moment!  The hilt is early solid brass with much hand-enhancing throughout.  The pommel displays a gorgeous Lionhead with outstanding detail to include hand chiseled eyes.  The Lion’s mane extends for approximately 25% of the backstrap, while the remaining area is unadorned.  The “P” guard has a very large hand-enhanced oak leaf that protrudes 1.5” in overall length originating from the Lion’s mouth.  The lower portion of the guard contains 1.25” of floral design.  Finally, the area between both ends of the “P” guard is unadorned.  The quillon end shows a very large Lion with much hand chiseling throughout.  What workmanship here!  The obverse langet is hand-engraved with the City of Hamburg Coat of Arms, while the reverse langet is unadorned.  The grip grades mint and is constructed of black celluloid over a wooden base.  The grip is wrapped with triple twisted brass wire with the center strand being larger and twisted in the opposite direction.  There is some shrinkage to the grip rendering the wire to be slightly loose.  The 31.5” blade is bright and shiny.  The nickel plating grades 100%!  The spine, edge and tip are factory crisp.  The in and out marks are almost non-existent!  The reverse ricasso is stamped with the Eickhorn 1935-41 Squirrel trademark with the company location below Solingen.  The leather washer is present, grading excellent.  The shell body is metal and remains totally straight throughout!  The black finish shows much wear/age, grading 65%.  The fittings are solid brass and are identical to Third Reich Naval sword fittings.  They are retained to the shell via two large staples and are engraved with the traditional naval motif line decorations.  The upper mount is straight, while the lower exhibits minor carrying dimples.  A VERY RARE sword that is a MUST for the SERIOUS sword collector!  Strong excellent.

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