NAZI SS Officer’s Sword with Unmarked Blade

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NAZI SS Officer’s Sword with Unmarked Blade- I acquired a nice collection of Police and SS swords, and this was in the grouping. The nickel/silver hilt fittings remain remarkably intact. The special knurreled pommel cap has a very dark patina. The black ebony grip is in very nice condition, with no chips, repairs, or even scuff marks. The large nickel SS runic grip insignia has beautiful pebbling and burnishing behind the runes. The nickel grip wire and back strap are intact and have no issues. The fittings on the scabbard are also nickel. These show light wear and slight loss to finish. However, some of the burnishing in the recess of the fittings is still in place. The black enameled scabbard paint is original and remains better than 90% intact. This SS proofs are very visible under the crossguard. This example does not have the SS proofs on the scabbard throat. As I mentioned, this is an unmarked blade, which is a characteristic sometimes encountered on earlier production pieces. The matte finish is intact throughout. In fact, this blade is gorgeous and rates a full excellent! The correct white patent leather buffer is in place under the crossguard.