Rare DLV Trumpet Banner

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This is from my personal collection.  They just don't get any nicer or more scarce than this! This trumpet banner measures approximately 21 1/2" across, including 2" of silver bullion fringe on each of the two sides. So the body is approximately 17 1/2" across. The top to bottom measures about 17 1/2", including the 2" of silver bullion fringe on the bottom only. The insignia for the Deutsche Luftsport Verband, the winged propeller with a superimposed swastika is the center theme of the banner on both sides. This is made of separately sewn pieces with a heavy twisted rope serving as the edging. The wingspan is 14" on this large insignia and is almost takes on a three dimensional look. At the top there is a snap clip for affixing it to the trumpet. This is in outstanding condition and is highly desirable.

  • Item #: FL-127