Rare and Desirable Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves Set

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Rare and Desirable Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves Set-This is really a pair of aces! The Knight's Cross is produced by the prestigious firm of C.F. Zimmermann of Pforzheim. This company produced many decorations during the Third Reich but is not known for their Knight's Crosses. They are scarcely encountered! It has all the textbook characteristics including the die flaw at the six o'clock arm, the ring that sits atop the core and the unique maker's stampings. Condition-wise, it is stunning with slight toning and no wear to the 800-silver frame. The iron core center, under high magnification, shows some minor finish loss. This has been combined with a spectacular set of Oak Leaves by Godet which are a beautiful sight to behold. These are textbook examples showing only the lightest amount of wear and are properly marked with the 900-silver content along with the 21 which is the code assigned to Godet. In addition to this certificate of authenticity, the oak leaves will have a COA from Dietrich Maerz who is an acclaimed author of reference books on this topic. This set comes with a full length of original ribbon, which has only a few holes at the ends from either use or display. Together, these make for a beautiful set!