Rare and Desirable Army General’s Fender Pennant with Ca

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This super scarce pennant was used by Army Generals. The field is produced in a field grey wool that remains excellent, with only the slightest bit of wear and discoloration. Each side of the pennant has an Army style eagle hand embroidered in a gold celleon with brown cloth highlights. The upper, lower, and hoist edge are trimmed with a gold colored metal tresse with swastikas throughout. The top and hoist edges have split open, this occurred as the metal tresse reacted (unfavorably) with the steel pennant reinforcement. This caused it to corrode and split, you can see where the gold has turned a greenish-blue. The very tip, at the end of the pennant, is also missing. These in no way effect the ability to display this great pennant! Also included is the plastic housing for the pennant. This has yellowed and actually has split in half. Over the years it has been taped back together but currently is separated. Both ringlets for mounting onto a fender staff are present. Can you picture a pair of these mounted onto a staff car with a proud General in the back seat? Awesome! The pennant measures 16” long by 9.5” tall (40.5cm x 24cm). A representative example of an item that should be purchased in any condition!

  • Item #: FL-118