Police Sign and Identity Papers Grouping

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Police Sign and Identity Papers Grouping- We were told that this lot is straight out of Germany and purchased directly from the family. First of all, let’s describe the sign. It is unique, and the only one we have ever encountered in this configuration. It measures approximately 13 inches wide x 16 inches tall. It has a handsome police eagle along with the following writing, which translates to: “Mayor, Police Department.” It seems like this individual held both these positions in the small town that he came from. The grouping also includes a large framed picture of the mayor. This is just about the exact size as the police plaque/sign and it is very nicely framed. Inside the frame is a picture of his home, along with his police ID and also his funeral card. He was born in 1896 and passed away in 1957. One of a kind offering.