Painted Steel

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By Chris Armold. Usual bender standard (9.25” by 6.25”) size format. From the author of Steel Pots: The History of America's Steel Combat Helmets comes Painted Steel: Steel Pots, Volume Two. This companion volume features detailed chapters on painted and Unit marked helmets of WWI and WWII, plus a variety of Divisional, Regimental and subordinate markings. Special full-color plates detail subordinate unit markings such as the tactical markings used by the U.S. 2nd Division in WWI. In addition, insignia and specialty markings such as USN beach battalion, Army engineers, medics, MP and airborne division tactical markings are examined. For those interested in American armored forces, a complete chapter is devoted to the history of the U.S. tank and combat vehicle crewman's helmet from WWI to present. Other chapters provide tips on reproductions and fake representations of U.S. helmets and accessories. With over 1,000 photos and images (many in color), Painted Steel will be a prized addition to any collector's reference bookshelf. 1,053 photos with hundreds in color - deluxe binding. 384 pages.