German Third Reich One-of-a-Kind, Deluxe Presentation Shooting Association Sword

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German Third Reich One-of-a-Kind, Deluxe Presentation Shooting Association Sword- If you are into one-of-a-kind Third Reich swords, this is one you should consider! It’s from my personal collection. The overall configuration is like an Imperial Court Sword. The fittings on the hilt are heavily-engraved solid brass. Both clamshells are beautifully adorned with a filigree motif. The clamshell on the reverse has a locking mechanism. The metal grip is tightly wrapped with brass wire. The leather scabbard has brass fittings. The lower fitting is missing its staples, but is still firmly in place. The leather is dry and has some cracking. The blade is where the money is! The reverse of the blade has a deeply engraved Patriotic and military motif and also has the 1935 - 1941 Eickhorn logo squirrel. The obverse of the blade has a very long, two-line dedication. The rough translation is “To the leader of the shooting association of Solingen 1931 Fritz Wolf for the 5th Anniversary of the founding date presented by the Royal Couple Fritz the 1st and Effi. Solingen on 1 August 1936”. It doesn’t get much better than this. The condition of the blade is full mint. Overall condition of the sword is near excellent. One-of-a-kind offering!