Interesting WWII German Navy Plotting/Charting Device

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Interesting WWII German Navy Plotting/Charting Device In Box with GI Bring Back Paperwork This great item is in its original box and has the name and address of the GI who sent it back to the USA. The bring back paperwork, dated July 1945, is found inside the box. This notes the model number of the equipment (538). The box was nailed shut to send it home, and one of the nails is still inside the box! The device is what was used to plot and chart a map, it is made of wood and hinged with lots of numbers and holes, as well as some sort of scale measurements. There is a small disc made of wood inside the box that is broken in half as well as a pair of small washers. The maker’s name (Gebr. Wichmann) is seen on both the inside of the box and on the device. Also included is a slide-type ruler inside a black pebbled holder. A great display item!

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