NSKK Model 36 Chain Dagger by Eickhorn

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Haven’t had the opportunity to offer you one of these for quite a while and the condition of this one made the wait worth while. The hilt fittings as well as the scabbard fittings are all a nickel plated version with the finish nearly intact. The handle is an excellent fit and the grip insignia, including the runic button and grip eagle, are excellent. The black enameled scabbard paint is 95% intact. The chain is as near to perfect and textbook as you will ever find with proper markings on reverse. The blade is mint with the usual in and out runner marks and is the desirable transitional double marked example with not only the RZM contract code for Eickhorn, which is M7/66, but also the date 1938. This combined with the 1935-41 Eickhorn squirrel logo is the icing to the cake. Excellent, desirable and affordably priced.

  • Item #: E-465