Novelty Souvenir Toilet Seat

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Yes, I kid you not, this is indeed a toilet seat and cover, made of a very nicely grained, nicely stained oak wood. The cover lifts and closes smoothly off the seat – the dark metal seat hinges function well. When you lift the cover, you encounter a hand-painted mountain scene on the underside of the lid, with the note: “Souvenir: Battle of Pike’s Peak”. This was in fact a novelty item given as a prank gift to a person in a test pilot squadron that regularly flew near Pike’s Peak (and who also investigated crash sites there). The bottom of the seat had a wooden panel attached across the opening (you couldn’t actually use the seat!), which is painted with a white background and the caricature of a WWII period Army sergeant (face is not exaggerated, only the body) – this presumably being the souvenir winner, himself. The dark seat around the white oval backing, gives the whole piece the look of a cameo. Quite a cool item!

  • Item #: S-206