Naval Sword by Weyersberg

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Naval Sword by Weyersberg-The hilt is the stationary style of larger proportion with hand-enhancing throughout, especially to the lion head and mane (Volume III, page 438).  The gilding to the hilt easily grades 100%!  The lion’s eyes are not faceted, but rather they are perfectly formed via expert engraving.  What detail!  The huge folding basket depicts the fouled anchor.  The grip is white celluloid and has one small crack. It is wrapped with triple twisted gilded wire that is a little loose, but still 100% intact.  The center strand is larger than the outer two strands.  The blade is approximately 31 1/2" in overall length having a wide fuller construction. Both the hilt and the scabbard are stamped O 1935 which is an indication the sword's owner was stationed in the Ostsee (East Sea Flotilla). Additionally, there is a Navy waffenamt under the crossguard which is from the Weimar period. The blade grades near excellent with no visible damage. The Weyersberg logo is deeply etched into the back of the blade.  The scabbard black leather shell is in fair/good condition as it's lacking the bottom brass fitting (called the drag).   The brass fittings that are present are the standard variety having scalloped edges and decorative engraving to both sides.  Most of the gilting is gone and the staples which hold them to the leather is missing. Overall, this is a sound example and priced accordingly.