Named (Twice) German Model 1942 Army Single Decal Camouflage He

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This great-looking combat helmet has a grass green camouflage finish applied over its original dark green finish that remains 80% intact. The toned Army decal was neatly painted around and remains a solid 75% intact. The interior shows some minor wear from use, with minor discoloration and scuffing to the brown leather liner. It remains soft and supple and retains its drawstring. Two names are written onto the liner, one is of a Gefreiter. There is a non-reinforced zinc linerband that is maker, size and date stamped. The side of the interior is stamped “NS 62”, indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke in the size of 62. The rear of the skirt is stamped with the steel lot number of D 221. A sound, representative example!

  • Item #: H-279a