Luftwaffe Administration Official Officer Tunic

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Named Private Purchase German Luftwaffe Administration Official Captain Dress Tunic-This all original, untouched dress blouse is produced in very soft, blue grey wool. There is slight wear, minor discoloration and two or three tiny pin holes in the exterior of the coat. There are four pleated pockets with straight flaps. There is a four button closure and all buttons are produced in silver finished pebbled aluminum. There is a lay down collar/lapel and French cuffs. The front and lower edge of the collar is piped in a silver aluminum twist rope. The hand applied collar tabs are produced in green badge cloth with three pips and a wreath produced in silver aluminum with bright silver highlights. They are piped in silver aluminum twist rope. The sew in shoulder boards have a silver flat wire face with two gilt finished metal pips on each. There is a pink badge cloth underlay with a secondary underlay of green badge cloth. All this indicates that the wearer was an administrative official with the rank of captain (hauptmann). The green/pink underlay indicate he was classified as a "misc. technician". The collar tabs, being piped in silver aluminum, is for "Beamte des gehobenen Dienstes" or "an individual who has received a formal education but not necessarily university level (generally a specialized education i.e. engineering, law etc.)". All of this information is found on page 40 of the book "Air Organizations of the Third Reich, The Luftwaffe" by Roger James Bender. The extremely handsome officer breast eagle is produced in silver bullion over blue/grey wool. It is hand applied over and slightly above the right breast pocket. There are loops for two awards (one on the breast pocket and another below it) as well as loops for two awards above the pocket. Perhaps one is for a flight clasp while the other is for a ribbon bar? The interior is fully lined in soft blue rayon, which shows just minor discoloration and wear. There are two interior pockets. The left one has a tailor tag with the name of the owner written on it which reads "Muse (?) Flegenau" and has the date III 1940. The tailor is Petersen & Co. of München. There is a simple "D" ring for a dagger hanger, along with the appropriate slot. It is a size medium. There was originally a large tailor tag in the neck but this is missing. An intriguing offering! 

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