Named and Unit Marked Model 1935 Army Double Decal

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Named and Unit Marked Model 1935 Army Double Decal Helmet (Interesting Early Issue S.E.)-This intriguing example is listed in the "oddball" section of the great book "German Helmet Lot Numbers 1935-1945 Ongoing Research" by our friend Brian Ice. Further explanation later! First, the description. The finish is apple green, smoothly applied and remaining 60% intact. The left side has a nicely toned army eagle decal that remains a solid 70% intact. Over on the right side is a tri color shield which checks in at 60% intact. Inside, the dark brown leather line has some minor wear and moderate discoloration. There is a non reinforced aluminum liner band that is maker marked, size stamped 64 and dated a super early 1936 (first I've seen in years dated 1936!). The maker stamp on the side of the interior reads "S.E.St. 64". This indicates production by Sachsische Emailler und Stanzewerke (this was originally what the factory was referred to as, later just "S.E."). The lot number is 2782 (early 1936 production). The owner wrote his name, rank and unit information in bold, black in at the rear skirt. This reads "Gefr. Madnow 1./M.G.31 II". A machine gunner, wow! Also included is a (repaired with tape but no biggie) maker marked and dated (1936) brown leather chinstrap with aluminum hardware. This one is special! 

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