Named and Researched Waffen SS Officer Visor Cap by eReL

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Named and Researched Waffen SS Officer Visor Cap by eReL-This is the cap of Waffen SS Hauptsturmführer Kurt Pauli. It is fully researched and all of the research (both paper copies and DVD copies of his "RuSHA" file) is included with the cap. A little on the man to begin:

-Born March 19, 1913 in Böblingen

-Joined the Allgemeine SS and NSDAP on June 1, 1932

-Transferred to the SS/VT on January 1, 1934

-Commissioned as an SS-Untersturmführer August 1, 1940

-Until November 10, 1940 assigned to 2nd Platoon of the SS Motorcycle Replacement Company

-November 10, 1940 through February 1, 1942 assigned to SS Standarte Nordland (which became a component of SS Division Wiking), promoted to SS-Obersturmführer January 30, 1942

-February 1, 1942 through February 10, 1943 assigned to SS Motorcycle Replacement Battalion

-October 31, 1942 given one week "house arrest" for confrontation with army soldiers

-February 10, 1943 through September 11, 1944 assigned to SS Division Karl der Grosse (later titled Frundsberg) which included heavy combat time at Tamopol. Reconnaissance Detachment commander of 4th Company

-Promoted to SS-Hauptsturmführer on January 30, 1944

-September 11, 1944 through November 26, 1944 assigned to SS Panzer Reconnaissance Replacement Detachment

- November 26, 1944 assigned to SS Panzer Reconnaissance training and replacement regiment to train NCO's

-After this he was assigned to the Dachau camp outside Munich as this cap was literally picked up by a UA Army veteran just outside the camp in late April 1945 and brought home.

His personal visor cap shows the wear and tear you would expect of such a busy individual! The cap is produced in soft, doe ski wool that has wear and discoloration from use. He removed the stiffening ring from the top panel so it is very flexible. The peak has a handsome pinch to it. The white piping shows moderate discoloration throughout to go along with some wear. Wear is also evident in the black center band. The zinc insignia is firmly attached and looks great despite the lack of it silver finish. The officer chin corn shows moderate discoloration and is a bit stretched. It does sit nicely when adjust properly. The visor is black vulkanfibre and it remains in great condition and tightly affixed. The underside is lightly cross

hatched and finished in an orange brown hue. The interior is fully lined in gold rayon, ribbed on the sides and smooth at the top. There is minor discoloration and wear from use. The rhomboid shaped, celluloid moisture shield is fully intact (no missing pieces) but has a few cracks and splits. The nomenclature of the maker, eReL is present. The model is a "STANDARD". The orange brown ersatz leather sweatband has multiple cracks and tears and is torn loose from the body in a few spots. It is stamped with the "eReL" Stirnschutz D.R.G.M." motto on the side. The name "Pauli" is hand written onto the underside of the sweatband, at the forehead. Great stuff! Fully researched and ready to go! 


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