Named, WWII German Allgemeine SS "Other Ranks" Visor Cap

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Named, WWII German Allgemeine SS "Other Ranks" Visor Cap- This example is produced in black wool that is excellent, with little to no visible wear or discoloration. The white piping has very slight discoloration only. The black badge cloth center band is excellent. The eagle is very handsome, a tombak example that has a silver finish which is missing on many of the high points....including the swastika which lends a great look! The tombak, Hussar type skull is an original example but a replacement to this cap. The chinstrap is looking more brown than black but is otherwise just fine. The black vulkanfibre visor has minor crazing only. It remains tightly affixed to the bodu of the cap and has an orange/brown, lightly crosshatched underside. The top panel of the interior is lined in an orange/brown oil cloth lining which has a few long tears but remains clean and fully intact. The sides of the interior are lined in an orange/brown cloth that shows just minor wear and discoloration. The top panel has a clothRZM  RFSS tag attached to it. This has the script "Vom Reichsführer SS befohlene Ausführung" (By Order of the Reichsführer SS) and has encircled runes and RZM motto. Also seen is a cloth name tag. This reads "Erik Müller, Ranis/Thür, Rathausstr. 25, SS. Rottenführer, 9/47 SS. Standarte". Research project! Lastly, the brown leather sweatband has some minor discoloration and moderate wear at the front where it has been reattached as well. A great piece overall!



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