German Model 1918 Bahnschutz Polizei Double Decal Helmet

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German Model 1918 Bahnschutz Polizei Double Decal Helmet-One of Only 4 Known! This is about as scarce a helmet as one will ever encounter. It is one of only 4 known to exist! It was purchased by us from esteemed Canadian collector Doug Buhler. It features a sea blue brushed on finish that remains 99% intact. The upper part of the interior (dome area) is the original field grey finish but the skirt is the same blue color as the exterior. The left side has the Bahnschutz decal and the right side has a party decal, each remaining basically fully intact. The interior has the original steel liner band with three pad white leather liner. There is some wear and discoloration to the leather but it's all there. One of the pads is ink stamped "E-5938". There is a drawstring which is torn from one of the pads. There is a brown leather chin strap. The side of the interior is stamped TJ 68 indicating production by C. Thiel & Söhne, Lübeck. As rare as they get and in excellent condition!