Mittelmeerreisen KDF Tinnie

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This is made of bakelite, the front is finished in blue (very minor wear) while the reverse is a natural brown finish. It is six sided, with the front depicting a Venetian motif. It shows a gondola being rowed with a couple as passengers. In the background is a large, fancy building, which has been identified as the "Doge's Palace" (Palazzo Ducale) in Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy (thanks to Joe T. for this information!). The bottom has the script “Mittelmeerreisen KDF 1938 1939”. “Mittelmeerreisen” translates to “Mediterranean Sea Voyage”. The KdF (Kraft durch Freude-Strength through Joy) was a large state controlled leisure organization in the Third Reich, and was part of the DAF. It was set up as a tool to promote National Socialism to the people, and was the world’s largest tourism operator in the 1930’s. The reverse has a long, vertically mounted brass pin. This is an interesting tinnie that is near excellent!

  • Item #: M-1000